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Ramblewood Estates is located in Humble, Texas. The purpose of this site is to share information and provide a way to contact the Property Owners Association.

Board Meeting
March 24, 2017 7PM -  8PM
Lamb of God Lutheran Church
1400 FM 1960 Bypass Rd E
Humble, TX 77338
                               1. Prayer
                               2. Roll Call
                               3. Minutes
                               4. Treasury Reports
                               5. Committee Reports - Dissolve
                               6. Date for Runoff Vote
                               7. Old Business
                               8. New Business
                                   a. Method of vote for runoff
                                   b. Signs
                               9. Adjourn

   Two RPOA signs have been removed without authorization from the
    Ramblewood Property Owners Association, Inc. Board.  To do so is
    theft of RPOA property.  The Board has had to spend homeowners'   
    money to purchase a new sign.  This notice is to inform the person
    responsible for the theft of the previous signs that he/she will be
    responsible for reimbursing the POA for replacing the signs when
    the Board finds out who was responsible.  I honestly do not know
    what to say about someone purposely stealing the POA signs.
    These signs were used by the 2016 Board and are perfectly legal.
     Why someone has to lower themselves to theft is unknown.

     Board was notified this morning that a member had removed the  
     second sign at the request of a previous board member who had
     stated he had purchased the sign with his personal money.
               By:  2017 BOARD

Ramblewood Property Owners Association, Inc.


Board of Directors' Recount Result

                                                     March 9, 2017

6:30 - 8:30 PM

Results per Tabulation Committee Chairman, Richard Murray
Adolph Trejo
Alice Smart
Debra Algeo
Jim McQueen
Three-way tie for 5th position:
Peggy Lindley
Thomas Montgomey
Victor Macias
The Board will be having a meeting as soon as possible to discuss the runoff election.  Additional information will be posted shortly.







  1. Association Dues have been set to $175 per lot for 2017 by the 2016 Board of Directors. 
  2. New Street Signs that meet Harris County Code requirements Cost per lot was $14.60
  3. New Entrance Sign Cost lot owners $0.



A BIG THANK YOU to all involved with our added improvements to our community! New Improved street signs are OUTSTANDING!